Wedding in Tivoli – Rome off the beaten track!

Tivoli is one of the few little villages in Italy famous all over the world. It might sound strange that a tiny city 30 minutes from Rome, on top of a hill is so popular and is quickly becoming a great wedding destination in Italy.

The reason why is because it’s a little jewel not spoiled by mass tourism.

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Tradition and details of Apulian weddings

Some movie directors have several times represented Apulian weddings in their movies , including details and traditional elements. As an Apulian wedding planner I’m going to tell about some good and curious stories of Weddings in Puglia and Taranto.

Apulian weddings are not celebrated on Sundays, guests are not less than…one hundred (the most intimate guests) just like Irish weddings! In the Church, waiting for the bride, guests are always excited, well tidy and with their shoulders rigorously covered.  The  priest, usually a friend of the couple, celebrates the ceremony which ends with a final applause after the kissing and the declaration of “Husband and Wife”.

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A perfect wedding in Italy: tips and advice!

Are you thinking of getting married in Italy?

Bringing all of your family and friends abroad seems to be difficult…. You will understand from the fastness of the rsvp’s replies that it isn’t!

Everybody is willing to jump on a plane and experience some nice food, good weather, wonderful landscapes and meet so many Italians!!!! Cm’on!

The first important tip when you think about getting married in Italy is…


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Lola and Patrick’s vintage style wedding in Tuscany

Lola and Patrick are an adorable Irish couple we had the pleasure to meet about one year ago, who celebrated their wedding in Tuscany this year in early June.

They had very clear ideas from the beginning, especially Lola, who is a romantic and sweet girl but with a very determinate character.  They were looking for a Tuscan villa with a warm and cosy home feeling, where they could welcome their guests travelling from Ireland to share with them the important day.

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Wedding in Venice: drama and poetry in the autumn light.

Venice is magic, it is a frame hanging in a timeless dimension.
Venice is not just a city, it’s an experience to live…
It arouses in each of us different emotions and feelings, but always very intense.

There’s no time of the year when it is not recommended a trip to Venice, but certainly the autumn lights are able to emphasize the dramatic force of this city.
Softened atmosphere envelops the city, the attenuated light of the sun reflects off the water and on golden surfaces of the palazzi, the low flight of the gulls accompanies the gondolas in their slow slide through the channels.

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