Beach Weddings in Italy

Wedding on the beach - Italy - Italian Wedding Planners

Have you been searching for an original wedding idea? The type of ceremony and celebration that most people only see in the movies? Have you been dreaming about saying ‘I do’ on one of the warm, dazzling Italian beaches? At SposiamoVi – Italian Wedding Planners, we can help bring your dreams into reality. And it just so happens that Italy is the perfect location for beach weddings, a growing trend among many couples who love the sea or who simply want to opt for a picturesque and unconventional location.

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The planning process in two easy stages

get married in Italy with Italian Wedding Planners

Sure, planning a wedding in Italy may seem like a daunting task. However, it is much easier to digest if you break it into two stages of research and decision making.

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Amalfi Coast wedding venues

Wedding venues on Amalfi Coast - Italy - Italian Wedding Planners

When you engage SposiamoVi – Italian Wedding Planners to plan your wedding, we painstakingly select the best vendors that host amazing wedding receptions. Some of these properties even have on site accommodation for you and your wedding guests.

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Civil Ceremony locations in Tuscany: your town hall dream wedding

Civil ceremony locations in Tuscany - Italian wedding planners

Every town and city in Tuscany has a Comune (town hall), which houses the local government. Civil weddings must legally take place on local authority property. The most usual place to have a civil wedding is in the town hall.

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