Perugia where elegance meets natural beauty

Michael and Camilla - Wedding in Perugia - Italian Wedding Planners

Simplicity, elegance, tradition and country style. These were the key characteristics that Camilla and Michael wanted to feature in their wedding. And SposiamoVi was standing at the ready to give them just that!

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Have your wedding in the romantic Italian city of Venice

Venice - Italian destination wedding - Italian Wedding Planners copia

It’s a name that is known to us all, one we seem to say with a bit of reverence: Venice!

The city of canals and bridges, of artists and architecture. This city is a truly unique place, and there are no substitutes for it. Venice vies with Paris as being the most romantic city on earth. Is it any wonder then that a large number of couples become engaged in Venice?

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10 years of marriage: Gabriela & Jay

Wedding anniversary in Italy - Lake Iseo - Italian Wedding Planners

How about a brilliant story of a man and his wife, still in love after ten years marriage? We would like to tell you the romantic tale of Gabriela and Jay and their three-day wedding anniversary, spent on Italy’s unforgettable Lake Iseo near Brescia.

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