Experience Piemonte Countryside

If you are looking for a real countryside atmosphere and you love hilly landscapes we suggest to consider setting your wedding in Langhe and Monferrato areas.

These areas are pretty unknown from touristy point of view but we are sure you could find wonderful undiscovered views, wonderful traditional food and best wines such as Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo… Just think about stillness of the country, allure of vineyards, scent of grapes and a wonderful sunset over the Alps. Across area around Alba, Bra and Asti you will discover a great compound of vines and great hills.

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Love, style and setting on the Italian Riviera

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When a wedding is a perfect alchemy of love, style and setting, it is definitely easy to create a terrific effect!

This was the case for Marcella and Alessandro, who got married last summer in a wonderful venue on the Portofino Coast along the Italian Riviera.

A Castle on the sea was the open air theatre of their event. Facing Portofino and the open sea, it has a natural wild green lawn, a nice terrace and an inside hall full of old touches and furnitures belonging to the owner’s ancestors.

This is exactly what inspired the bride who wanted to create a vintage chic wedding theme! Being almost addicted to vintage and antiques we literally fell in love with the idea and developed the arrangements of their special day… but we added a couple of garden aromatic touches…

White laces and porcelain vases, white decapè Chiavarina chairs and delicate hanging lanterns, pale pink and sage green flowers have been the leitmotiv of the wedding decoration from the ceremony gazebo through the table set-up up to the conclusion with two very nice sweet buffets!

We also wanted to keep an eye on the local greenery, so, being a summer garden wedding, we decided to use different vases of aromatic plants as centerpieces : they were wrapped by natural cotton tied in white lace, and each of them was also the table name: on the table cards we wrote some old popular stories told by grandmothers to their grandaughters.

Aromatic plants are one of the traditional and most used ingredients of the Italian Riviera’s cooking culture; for this reason we often love to give them a privileged place in the set up of a real Italian wedding which aims to be built according to the local and historical environment as much as possible.

A garden style dinner reception on a candle lit soft atmosphere have been the right conclusion of a romantic-vintage-chic-aromatic traditional Italian Wedding, that we loved as much as the bride and groom and their guests did!

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Wedding in Tivoli – Rome off the beaten track!

Tivoli is one of the few little villages in Italy famous all over the world. It might sound strange that a tiny city 30 minutes from Rome, on top of a hill is so popular and is quickly becoming a great wedding destination in Italy.

The reason why is because it’s a little jewel not spoiled by mass tourism.

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Tradition and details of Apulian weddings

Some movie directors have several times represented Apulian weddings in their movies , including details and traditional elements. As an Apulian wedding planner I’m going to tell about some good and curious stories of Weddings in Puglia and Taranto.

Apulian weddings are not celebrated on Sundays, guests are not less than…one hundred (the most intimate guests) just like Irish weddings! In the Church, waiting for the bride, guests are always excited, well tidy and with their shoulders rigorously covered.  The  priest, usually a friend of the couple, celebrates the ceremony which ends with a final applause after the kissing and the declaration of “Husband and Wife”.

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A perfect wedding in Italy: tips and advice!

Are you thinking of getting married in Italy?

Bringing all of your family and friends abroad seems to be difficult…. You will understand from the fastness of the rsvp’s replies that it isn’t!

Everybody is willing to jump on a plane and experience some nice food, good weather, wonderful landscapes and meet so many Italians!!!! Cm’on!

The first important tip when you think about getting married in Italy is…


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