Amalfi Coast wedding venues

Wedding venues on Amalfi Coast - Italy - Italian Wedding Planners

When you engage SposiamoVi – Italian Wedding Planners to plan your wedding, we painstakingly select the best vendors that host amazing wedding receptions. Some of these properties even have on site accommodation for you and your wedding guests.

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Getting to know the Amalfi Coast

wedding in Sorrento, Italy. Italian wedding planners

The phrase ‘Amalfi Coast’ is considered to include the peninsula which makes up the south of the Bay of Naples, despite the fact that the true Amalfi Coast lies just south of the same peninsula. The Amalfi Coast is made up of a landscape of sheer cliffs. Hairpin turns titter on the edge of the cliffs. Centuries old villages and towns seem to sprout out of the very landscape itself. This gorgeous coastal region has been a tourist focal point throughout the years, and remains just as enduringly popular today as it as always been especially for destination weddings.

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Norwegian wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Wedding

Try to merge two different cultures: the traditional Italian one, and the genuine and vital Norwegian. The result is a bubbly and cheerful wedding, with a touch of Made in Italy that nothing like the Amalfi Coast is able to offer.

Prøv å slå sammen to forskjellige kulturer: den tradisjonelle italienske, og den uformelle og ville norske. Resultatet er et boblende og muntert bryllup, med et strøk  av Made in Italy som bare Amalfikysten er i stand til å tilby.

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Sorrento, the perfect destination for your wedding..

get married sorrento

It’s the natural scenario that makes the Sorrento Peninsula one of the most famous destinations in Italy and one of the most wanted destination for weddings in italy.

Its rugged, high and rocky coast, full of limestone cliffs overlooking the sea, have a special secret … they hide creeks and rocks of rare beauty, easily reachable by land, as well.

When you follow the gentle bends of the coast by car, open the windows and simply breathe the scent of citrus, vineyards and sea breeze…

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Wedding in Positano

A late, warm, summer sun gently offered by Mother Nature was the perfect cherry on top of the cake for Kai and Sherry’s seaside wedding in Positano.

When the couple woke up in the morning of their wedding, a lovely sun was shining above the sea of Positano as usual in October, here on the Amalfi Coast. Sherry and Kai, from China, had never been to Italy before but had always dreamed about their fairy-tale wedding taking place on the Amalfi coast in a memorable atmosphere and amazing landscape.

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