Civil wedding in Italy: Papework for Bristish citizens

British Citizens wishing to marry in Italy

British Citizens residing in UK first of all need to give notice of marriage to their local Registry Office.

You should not do this more than six months prior to your intended date of marriage – three months if resident in Scotland.
Once you have obtained the Certificates of No Impediment the originals of these should be sent to the Consulate together with the following documents in order to issue the Nulla Osta required by the local Comune (town hall):

• Full length birth/adoption certificates (original) which includes parents’ names;

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Getting married in Italy

Paperwork and documents for civil weddings in Italy

Marriage laws in Italy require couples to provide proper documents which should be handed to the local authorities.

Procedures are updated constantly and each nationality follows a different one so it is very important you collect correct and most recent information which sometime may be annoying or time consuming to obtain. Make sure you always refer to the Italian consulate in your country or to your local consulate here in Italy: British nationals can refer to the British Consulate in Italy (for the procedure check out our paperwork for Bristish citizens post), Irish will contact the Irish consulate in Rome, USA citizens need to get in touch to provide further information before knowing who to contact.

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A perfect wedding in Italy: tips and advice!

Are you thinking of getting married in Italy?

Bringing all of your family and friends abroad seems to be difficult…. You will understand from the fastness of the rsvp’s replies that it isn’t!

Everybody is willing to jump on a plane and experience some nice food, good weather, wonderful landscapes and meet so many Italians!!!! Cm’on!

The first important tip when you think about getting married in Italy is…


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