10 romantic spots for wedding photography in Rome

Photography for a wedding rome

The eternal city, Rome, is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the whole world for a wedding.

Each corner of the city is a real jump back in the past with hundreds of corners of unique beauty.  This is the reason why it is not easy to make a top ten of the best spots for your wedding pics.

This time we’ll give it a try suggesting you something different from the usual Colosseo or Piazza San Pietro. These are great symbols of Rome and some shootings in here are absolutely a must for all, but let’s have a look at other settings, full of charm and a bit out of the tracks.

Some different proposals for an undiscovered Rome..

A  kiss, far from the crowd in the Parco degli Aranci (Oranges Garden).

This is a little garden on Aventino Hill that takes its name from the orange trees imported from Spain by Saint Dominic, founder of the Dominican order.

An oasis of peace and quiet. This lovely spot offers an unbelievable panoramic view of the city. How about some shots on the terrace at sunset with a glass of Prosecco to delight this special moment?

Unforgettable Castel Sant’Angelo. 

It was originally built to be a mausoleum for  Emperor’s Hadrian. Later in centuries it has been transformed into a fortress, a prison and a papal refuge. Pictures under the famous angel with Saint Peter as a background just few meters away together with all rooftops of Rome are an idea to consider.


A romantic walk in Piazza Navona.

One of the most magnificent piazza of the eternal city! A place where you will find traces of the past from the roman times – under the piazza lie remains of Emperor  Domitian’s stadium – to Renaissance and baroque art. A funny caricature made by the many street painters is absolutely a must to capture the moment.

A real Italian square piazza Campo ‘de fiori with its colorful market.

You can arrive here on a little Fiat ‘500 and have some shootings inserted into the everyday life of the eternal city.

An elegant walk on Via Giulia.

A princes walk! Your eyes will surely enjoy wealth of Renaissance and baroque details in the so called “Salotto Romano”.

A stop at Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia.

This strange white building is familiarly called “typewriter” or even “wedding cake”. It is somehow loved and hated by all roman citizens, but it is surely a masterpiece of art. The monument is the official Monument to Motherland (Altare della Patria). It was built to honor Vittorio Emanuele II first King of unified Italy. It is located between Capitoline Hill and Piazza Venezia. It is also the tomb of the unknown soldier of World War I. The monument has a panoramic elevator that could lead you to the Quadrighe terrace to enjoy a 360 degrees view of Rome, a full view on roofs, domes and monuments of any age.

A stroll along Tiber river.

Here you may see the city from a quite different point of view. The Tiber is simply picturesque and very….Roman! It is spanned by a variety of bridges, including charming Ponte Sisto, from which there is a glorious view that includes St. Peter’s Basilica.

A panoramic shot in Piazza del Popolo. It is one of the biggest squares in Rome! Some pictures in the open spaces of this magnificent piazza and a little stop for a toast with a glass of Prosecco in a chic bar are absolutely a must.

Some shots by the Pantheon.

This the best preserved roman monument! Some pictures in the beautiful salotto of Piazza della Rotonda with the huge obelisk. Arriving there with a horse-chariot might be a nice, relaxing and funny way for you wedding pics tour.

A mystic walk along Sacred Road

This is another another corner you really cannot miss. You can start with some shootings beside the Colosseo as a must  – how can you forget it? – and then walking up on the Palatino Hill along the main street of the roman empire. You can take some wonderful photos with the stunning landscape of the Roman forum on your side.

Last but not least, some fashion style and unconventional shooting choosing the Square  Colosseo.

It is located a bit out of the tourist parts of Rome in the so called EUR district. This area was built during 1930s. It is an icon of Fascist architecture which is a big part of Rome history too. It is made all in white marble and it inspired to ancient Roman architecture or Rationalism. Atmosphere here is absolutely oneiric and metaphysical. Many rock bands and famous fashion designers chose this set for wonderful and different shots. It is also present in many Italian and International movies.

On top of each facade there is an inscription in capital letters:


A nation of poets, of artists, of heroes,
Of saints, of thinkers, of scientists,
Of sailors, of transmigrants

This  a great way to have an original setting that few other brides had!

So come and discover the undiscovered Rome with us we will be pleased to be your guide and let you discover all secrets of the Eternal city!


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