Civil Ceremony locations in Tuscany: your town hall dream wedding

Civil ceremony locations in Tuscany - Italian wedding planners

Every town and city in Tuscany has a Comune (town hall), which houses the local government. Civil weddings must legally take place on local authority property. The most usual place to have a civil wedding is in the town hall.

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The best seasons to say ‘I do’ in Tuscany

the best season for weddings in tuscany

The absolute best season for weddings in Tuscany is during the summer months. Typically from May to September. During this period the days are long, allowing you and your guests to soak up the warm, sunny weather. In fact, it’s not often that Tuscany experiences inclement summer weather.

We find that the best months of the year for weddings are May, June, July and September. August can be too hot for elderly relatives and many Italians go on holiday during this period. And most shops in rural non touristy areas can be closed. On the other hand, because demand is weaker in August, it is often easier to obtain better rates for accommodation, air travel and venues.

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Why Tuscany is the most popular region for weddings in Italy

Wedding in Tuscany

There are many reasons why Tuscany is the most popular province to get married in Italy. It’s not just the fantastic weather or the gracious people. It goes much deeper than that. Which is why we have put together the top six reasons most bridal couples choose the province of Tuscany to have their wedding.

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Tuscan delights

Tuscany wedding

Romance, scenery, art, culture, food, wine. These are probably the words you associate with the region of Tuscany. But this is only the beginning. The vibrant province of Tuscany has so much more to offer!

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Spring wedding in the Tuscan Countryside

Wedding venue in Tuscan countryside

An early start for this year’s wedding season in Tuscany! A lovely country house in Valdarno in Tuscany was the setting of our first 2012 wedding in Tuscany.

This area combines the richness of landscapes of Valdarno countryside with historical and artistic beauties of towns like Arezzo, Castelnuovo Berardenga and Siena.. The area, slightly farther from massive tourism, is the ideal setting for couples looking for private, intimate yet unique celebration in the Tuscan countryside surrounded by  families and friends.


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