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Romance, scenery, art, culture, food, wine. These are probably the words you associate with the region of Tuscany. But this is only the beginning. The vibrant province of Tuscany has so much more to offer!

                                                  Photo by Morlotti Studio

The cities of Florence and Siena are breathtaking hubs of renaissance art and culture. The surrounding towns and villages in the classic countryside are littered with cypress trees, olive groves, vineyards and chestnut forests. A world unto itself. A way of life with seemingly undisturbed farming communities that have been joined to the land for centuries. With each visit you experience different people and cultures. You stumble on to amazing villas, towns or hamlets that never made it onto the tourist trail. It’s almost as if you’re the first person to make such a discovery.

                                                  Photo by Corbin Gurkin 

Every person benefits from the different sights and experiences during their time in Tuscany. For us Tuscany is quite simply one of the most relaxing places on earth – even when we are working here. Some believe that the landscape is like nowhere else on earth; while others are completely taken in by the food, the wine, the people. In any event your guests will thoroughly enjoy themselves in a multitude of ways.

                                                    Photo by Corbin Gurkin 

Many writers are making their fortunes by writing about their Tuscan experiences. They paint an idyllic and enticing picture of the region which is broadly true. Their mistake, however, is to create the assumption that a person can only fully appreciate Tuscany by living there. We disagree.

You can also experience Tuscany by having your wedding there!

                                                    Photo by Corbin Gurkin 


Tuscany’s geographic design

Tuscany is a province in Italy that is roughly half the size of England. ‘Typical Tuscany’ is landmarked by its central hill area that rises up between Florence and Siena. An area that has managed to ensnare the hearts of romantics and artists, and now tourists, throughout the centuries. An area known for its classic rolling hills, cypress trees, hill top villas and dense chestnut forests.

                                                        Photo by FotoRighi 


Tuscany can be divided into six main regions:

San Gimignano/Certaldo/Volterra – referred to as WEST

Hills between Florence and Siena – referred to as CENTRAL

To the West and Southwest of Siena – referred to as SIENA

Florence and the Florentine bowl – referred to as FLORENCE

Crete, south of Siena around Montalcino and Montepulciano – referred to as SOUTH

Arezzo and Cortona – referred to as EAST

Can you see it all now, your romantic Tuscan wedding? Please get in contact with Silvia or Francesca, our Tuscan wedding planners, and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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