Why Tuscany is the most popular region for weddings in Italy

Wedding in Tuscany

There are many reasons why Tuscany is the most popular province to get married in Italy. It’s not just the fantastic weather or the gracious people. It goes much deeper than that. Which is why we have put together the top six reasons most bridal couples choose the province of Tuscany to have their wedding.

The first reason is highly practical: ease of travel. Tuscany has the most regularly scheduled inbound and outbound flights from and to the UK of any other Italian province. Tuscany is also the destination where they speak the most English. More than any other Italian province.


                                                                                             Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Second, Tuscany is the historical and artistic centre of Italy. With its lush green landscape, it is the part of Italy that British people have coveted for centuries. The reason they keep returning. Tuscan people adore English visitors, and welcome them with open arms when they choose to marry there.

                                                         Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Wedding and reception venues make up the third reason. Tuscany’s regions offer an amazing array of picturesque farmhouses, castles, villas and palaces to hold your wedding and reception. Not to mention various cosy accommodation possibilities.

The forth reason assists a more delicate need: the guest list. A wedding in Tuscany helps you and your fiancé put together an exclusive guest list. An out of country wedding takes the pressure off inviting guests that you would normally have to invite in the UK.

                                                          Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Reason number five supports the wedding costs. You will invariably spend less on your Tuscan wedding than you would on a wedding in the UK. Unless, of course, you decide to pay for your guest’s flights and accommodation. Our price ranges for service, venues, catering, etc. are quite competitive and can satisfy just about any budget.

                                                                                              Photo by Corbin Gurkin

The last, and most certainly not least, reason most couples choose to marry in Tuscany is the incredible selection of mouth watering food and tantalising wines. Regional Tuscan specialities include fresh cheeses, legumes, mushrooms and a diverse assortment of meats. Each dish can be complimented with a flavourful wine that will accentuate the taste. A truly divine sensory experience!

                                                         Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Ah, I see that we have got your attention! Why not take a moment and contact Silvia or Francesca, our highly experienced Tuscan wedding planners? They will be happy to help you on your way to a dream wedding in Tuscany.

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