Torino: unconventional wedding destination!


Torino motto is Passion Lives Here. It is true.
Being in Torino can be different unique experience. You arrive here thinking you will find a gray industrial city but what the city itslef will show you is a totally different scenario…

Torino has been founded by ancient Romans and through the centuries it became a wonderful rich and charming city, fine, elegant, graceous, diplomatic as only a city born on foot of Alps and surrounded by hills can be.
Protective, warm and rich crossroads stories and mystic traces . A well hidden gem you cannot miss!

Torino was the first Italian capital back in 1861 and it still preserves the solemnity of this important role.
When the Duke of Savoy moved his family from France to Italy in the late 16th century, he settled down in Torino. In order to show the power of the Royal House he wanted opulent and baroque homes, residences and castles that are now integral part of the city.
Let’s not forget about the mysticism of the city, lying on the 45th parallel, it is part of the white magic triangle with Prague and Lyon. Let Turin seduce you with its legends, myths and magic.

Palazzo Madama (Queen’s Palace), in the beating heart of the city just side of Savoy Castle, will make you feel like jumping back in 1700, Baroque Carignano Theater built back in 1700 where the King used to go seeing comedies or  Mole Antonelliana, the 530-foot spire-like tower that dominates the city’s skyline, real symbol o the city, could be all the perfect set for your civil ceremony.

Elgant and charming Villas above the close by hills can host your elegant reception overlooking the snow capped mountains and a regular skyline of the city crossed by River Po.

For a totally different wedding you could opt for a cosy historical cafe located in the main Piazzas, Piazza San Carlo or Piazza Carignano. Just a little walk under the long porticos of the city that extend for more than 18 kilometers, to reach your wonderful wedding reception venue in a open wide all pedestrian square.

You will taste Piemonte delicious cuisine and precious wines coming from close Langhe and Monferrato countryside. As the birthplace of Vermouth, back in 1786, Torino has made the aperitif a nightly important tradition that you cannot miss.

For your wedding cake you will surely love Gianduja cream invented in 1867, a blend of chocolate, Langhe countryside hazelnuts and sugar – pre-cursor to Nutella.

Torino and its inhabitants can’t wait to show you all secrets, stories of a city that wants to be discovered, a well hidden but wonderful city for a real unconventional destination wedding.

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