Wedding in Venice: drama and poetry in the autumn light.

Venice is magic, it is a frame hanging in a timeless dimension.
Venice is not just a city, it’s an experience to live…
It arouses in each of us different emotions and feelings, but always very intense.

There’s no time of the year when it is not recommended a trip to Venice, but certainly the autumn lights are able to emphasize the dramatic force of this city.
Softened atmosphere envelops the city, the attenuated light of the sun reflects off the water and on golden surfaces of the palazzi, the low flight of the gulls accompanies the gondolas in their slow slide through the channels.

A really sophisticated setting for a wedding!

Capturing this particular light requires the expert eye of a photographer. The reportage of such a unique day is certainly a gift to grant to yourself.
Only a skilled photographer can capture the spontaneity and intimacy in the gestures between two newlyweds.

Venice is par excellence the city on water… and sometimes water rises, leaving estimators walking literally into water!

This is the spirit to really enjoy the uniqueness of Venice!

A sophisticated but informal style perfectly matches the retro’ Venetian atmosphere and our skilled photographer magnificently managed to catch the delicate beauty of this event.

Venice is the perfect city if you look for an intimate ceremony or also if you wish to share your special day with the people you care about most.

This city offers many different settings for a wedding reception: elegant private palazzi, exclusive small hotels or great prestigious hotels, traditional houses, gardens…

We always advise the couples that entrust our agency for their wedding to pick a place, a setting, a frame that really represents them.

The city offers a variety of beautiful, decorated palaces, full of histories and frescos, sometimes letting estimators have a hint of its luxurious interiors; it is a dream that may come true having your wedding reception in one of these beautiful locations!

Once the reception is over you have the chance to explore the city and get lost in it; only the two of you.

Walking down the streets you could recall the splendor of this city at the time of the Doge, when everything was about excess and splendor

You could chill-out by walking down the narrow and very characteristics calli, so the streets of Venice are called…

Being captured by Venice’s beauty is a life time experience!

Once the night falls, our groom and bride mingle with the locals for the traditional evening wine sipping “ombre” and enjoying the nightlife, a must in this city world known for the art of good life

You will leave this charming city with the memory in the heart of a special day in a magical frame!

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