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The Wedding Dress

italy wedding dressIt's time to choose a wedding dress, the first thing to do is to buy lots of specialised magazines to get an idea on the style, the colour, the materials and the length of the dress that you would like or that you think suits your physique. The dress has to bring out the beauty in the future bride.

The white colour has been the tradition for centuries but there are different shades. The "hot" whites like cream, ivory, custard and pink shades are suitable for people with an olive or dark skin. The "cold" whites like ice, grey, pearl and blue are suitable for people with pale skin. The new millenium has brought new colours to the wedding dresses like pastels colours: acqua, pale blue, pink, yellow, orange, but also silver and gold.

You have to be very careful in choosing the materials: if you like fluid lines lace and silk are suitable, if you want to minimise your thighs or your abdomen you should choose satin, cady and velvet bacause being heavier materials they don't sit on your curves. And finally to amplify and to create more volumes you should choose mikado, taffeta and organza.

During the various trials you should get a friend to take pictures of you so that you can take them to the hairdresser and the make-up artist so that they can study an appropriate style for you.

A bow on your wedding dress is the symbol of the union and it is believed to bring good luck. The best solution to find the perfect wedding dress is to go in an atelier where everything is done to precision and you get the best service, the best choice and the best quality.

Most of them offer a service in which they come to your house or wedding location to dress you up for the occasion to assure their "magic touch".

Please remember: you have chosen to get married in Italy, depending on the season and the location the weather can be very hot, bear this in mind when you choose your wedding dress.

We can also suggest designers and wedding ateliers in Italy to make the dress of your dreams for your perfect Italian wedding.

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