Legal Requirements for British Nationals getting married in Italy.

British Nationals getting married in Italy must obtain a Nulla Osta from the appropriate regional British Consulate in Italy.
To obtain a Nulla Osta you must do the following (assuming both parties are British Nationals and reside in the U.K.)

You must give notice of Marriage to a UK Superintending Registrar. After 23 days of the publications of banns, the registry office releases a document called a "Certificate of No Impediment" this document must be presented to the appropriate regional Consular office in Italy, along with the following documents:

There is a consular fee for the production of a Nulla Osta and marriage documents, this fee can vary if other paperwork requirements are involved but it is generally around 58 euros per certificate.

After the Consulate has inspected the paperwork they will issue the Nulla Osta. This must then be presented to the comune (registry office) where the marriage will take place.

*Where only one party to the marriage is a British national, the other would be required if not Italian, to produce to the Italian authorities a Certificate of no impediment from his or her own Consular authority or, if Italian, to observe the formalities required by Italian law for the marriage of two Italian citizens. In this case, information should be obtained from the Town Hall where the marriage is to take place.
The consulate also has fees for producing the Nulla Osta and marriage documents. Please inquire for precise details.


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