Venue L6

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Style / Rating Historical private Villa   Gardens / Park
Minimum stay (nights)   Music restrictions 01:30am
Exclusivity   Civil wedding at the venue Nearby
Accommodates / Sleeps 12   Religious blessing at the venue
Breakfast included   Reception Hall (not restaurant)
Restaurant   Reception outside
Swimming Pool   Chapel Nearby
Cantina   Distance to Milan Malpensa (hr:min/km) 01hr25min
Wine tasting   Distance to Milan Linate (hr:min/km) 01hr00min
Health Centre / Spa   Distance to Milan Orio al Serio (hr:min/km) 00hr30min

Amongst the hills of Lake Iseo and the vineyards of Franciacorta is located this magnificent palace, a splendid noble mansion built in the 1600s.

During the 1700s the palace was renovated with frescoes and baroque furniture and it was transformed in a so called “villa of delights”. In 1870, the ownership passed to a noble family who became the promoter of a “cultural gathering”, where parties, meetings and artistic events took place.

In the late 20Th century it was opened to the public for guided tours and cultural events, after restoration works that provided it with modern fittings

The palace offers five frescoed and richly furnished rooms and halls overlooking a porch and spacious courtyards, complemented by former stables and a little botanical garden.

The outdoor spaces are large and important (meadows, gardens and boulevards, tree-lined cliffs and vineyards). They are practicable on foot, but allow easy mobility and the possibility to put a marquee to arrange a wedding reception for big groups.

The Palace is set in a secluded and quiet place, that lets you enjoy a pleasant stay in case you decide to rent the upper apartment as accommodation.

The palace in fact has 5 fabulous rooms furnished with period pieces.

The perfect place for a princely wedding!