Venue M1

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Style / Rating Private Villa   Gardens / Park
Minimum stay (nights) min 2-3   Music restrictions
Exclusivity   Civil wedding at the venue
Accommodates / Sleeps 20   Religious blessing at the venue
Breakfast included   Reception Hall (not restaurant)
Restaurant   Reception outside
Swimming Pool   Chapel
Cantina   Distance from Rome (hr:min / km) 02hr53 / 291
Wine tasting   Distance from Ancona (hr:min / km) 20mins / 30
Health Centre / Spa   Distance from Bologna (hr:min / km) 02hr18 / 240

The villa is an historical house built between the 17th and the 18th century, situated in Recanati, it is opened to the guests who may enjoy the exclusiveness that this kind of accommodation provides.
The Italian style garden, surrounded by brick walls that are a part of the ancient city walls, reflects the period in which the house was built. It looks westward towards the "Colle dell'infinito", (The Infinite hill), described by the poet Leopardi and the Apennine mountains beyond the Marche valleys. Its flower-beds are surrounded by hedges of century-old boxwood.
The villa has also a large and impressive wine cellar that has been refurbished for receptions and weddings.