Venue Pu3

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Style / Rating Hotel   Gardens / Park
Minimum stay (nights)   Music restrictions
Exclusivity   Civil wedding at the venue
Accommodates / Sleeps 25   Religious blessing at the venue
Breakfast included   Reception Hall (not restaurant)
Restaurant   Reception outside
Swimming Pool   Chapel
Cantina   Distance to Bari 00hr / 44
Wine tasting   Distance to Brindisi 00hr / 56
Health Centre / Spa      

Carved out of magnificent limestone rocks, with a view over the blue-green Adriatic, the Hotel lies in an unparalleled location and has been enchanting visitors for centuries. For diners who prefer loftier views, the upper restaurant with its panoramic windows looks out over the waves as they break against the majestic rocks.

Whatever the season the restaurant offers an unforgettable experience from dazzling afternoons to winter sunsets and moonlit nights. An elegant and refined restaurant, ideal for both business functions and romantic meals.

Open all year round. Naturally lit by the aqua marine reflection from the waters, the summer cavern has been the scene of many a romantic moment since local nobility held banquets there in the 1700s.