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Style / Rating Resort - Masseria   Gardens / Park
Minimum stay (nights) 1   Music restrictions
Exclusivity   Civil wedding at the venue
Accommodates / Sleeps 12 rooms   Religious blessing at the venue
Breakfast included   Reception Hall (not restaurant)
Restaurant   Reception outside
Swimming Pool   Chapel
Cantina   Distance to Bari (hr:min / km) 01hr36 / 98
Wine tasting   Distance to Brindisi (hr:min / km) 01hr25 / 85
Health Centre / Spa      

Built in 1712 under the reign of Filippo V of the Bourbon dynasty, the Masseria is located in the centre of the Tarantine Murgia that is located between the Gulf of Taranto and the Valley of Itria in a characteristically rural zone; the farmhouse still maintains a sense of the authentic Apulia and it is located in the so-called Land of a Hundred Masserias. Today the Masseria has been completely renovated and was transformed into a center for spiritual and physical well-being, maintaining all the while the fascination of its cultural and artistic patrimony. The Masseria is immersed among the ancient olive trees that are a characteristic sight in Apulia.

Due to its ideal self-sufficiency, this rustic yet elegant farmhouse was able to satisfy all of its residents’ needs throughout the centuries: now it opens its doors to those who wish to rediscover the authentic perfumes and flavors of traditional times. The Spa, completely enclosed by dry stone walls, is comprised of an outdoor zone with a Kneipp healing course in the stone garden and the Trulli area; inside, guests can relax and take part in the purification courses. Treatments: the philosophy of the center is based on the concept of purification and harmony within the body, spirit and environment by way of extra virgin olive oil, the most powerful of all natural antioxidants.

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