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Imagine a secluded island; imagine it in one of the most beautiful settings of Italy, place an ancient Loggia and Villa on it and we are definitely talking about the Lake Garda Island!

Its diamond consists in a Villa of Neo-gothic Venetian style and in its most celebrated rich garden, which was created in 1880 and lightly sloping down the lake. Such beautiful place, there is only one thing missing, YOU!! Wouldn’t be wonderful to host your wedding ceremony in such place filled with luxury, nature, art and history? Your guests would talk for ages about the flamboyant, outstanding nature: rare colorful flowers, scented exotic plants, massive secular trees overshadowing your delighted friends and family. Here the compact, vigorous vegetation, the swarm of pines and cypresses, of acacias and lemon trees, magnolias and agave will be the perfect choreography for your wedding day.

The reception could be prepared in the ancient loggia under the tower, and the breathtaking view of the lake will be the touch of grace during your vows exchange. The impressive architecture of the Tower porch with its tall, massive columns and the frescoed ceiling will create a magical atmosphere for your unique, Italian style reception. For important number of guests it is possible to organize an elegant tent in the vast garden.

We will make sure everything runs smoothly and each of your guests is enjoying the party. Your only duty will be to enjoy the mix of history and elegance, tradition and fasting, privacy and freedom; elements that will help you fulfill your dreams while blessed by the Garda Lake’s moody waters.
We are sure this is the perfect omen for your new bright life!