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Verona is the city of the most famous lovers in history, Romeo and Juliet! Also it is one of the well-known city, thanks to its artistic heritage and operas; its lyrical season is one of the most famous in the world and surely its ancient Roman amphitheater is the most evocative frame for a night full of magic.

Whether you pronounce your vows in “Juliet's house and throw your bouquet from the famous balcony, or you prefer the prestigious frescoed rooms of the Town Hall, you will never forget your celebration in this extraordinary city. Also Verona offers you some wonderful churches located in the heart of the city for your lovely promise!

After your ceremony, walking through the ancient roads past Arena Amphitheatre and famous Piazza delle Erbe you can reach by foot one of the most ancient and romantic venue in Verona! This majestic Palace with its elegant atrium and the lovely garden is a perfect place for your welcome cocktail! This palace with medieval origin at the first floor offers you an impressive reception room; its decorations and period furniture create a charming and sophisticated scenery for your dinner. An old piano in the centre of the room and the oil paintings on the walls make precious this extraordinay location: your guests and you will be pleasantly surprised from this aristocratic atmosphere!

The Palace can accommodate a large number of guests in its main room for a great dinner, music and dance until late night; but this venue is also suitable for an intimate and romantic reception thanks to its tiny lovely rooms. To truly live unique and unforgettable moments, why don't you treat yourself with the charming atmosphere of Arena? In this ancient Roman amphitheatre in summer evenings you can enjoy the magic of the Opera during the worldwide known festival.