Veneto: V6

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This venue, located between Verona and Lake Garda, is surrounded by the Valpolicella vineyards where one of the most famous Italian wines is produced. The wine of this ownership in particular, is known for its depth and complexity and was featured in the Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines list for five consecutive years. The Villa is a historical jewel of sixteenth century Italian architecture. It was not merely a country villa built to serve the agricultural activities of the estate, but also a place designed for the peace and tranquillity of the body and soul according to the canons of Latin writers so important in the Italian humanist tradition.

This charming villa revolves around the Peristyle, the heart of the house. As in the Domus Antiqua or ancient Roman house, it welcomed a host of elite guests eager to experience the best of humanist leisure activities, such as poetry, music, classical literature and the contemplation of nature. Today this could be a very fascinating scenery for your wedding day! Your welcome cocktail can be served in the garden enclosed by vineyards while your wedding dinner will be served around the characteristic Peristyle encircled by a portico with rusticated ashlar-work pillars.

But this location is a perfect set for a winter wedding too! The inside rooms have four unusual anthropomorphic fireplaces (Devil, Angel, Fish or Sea Monster and Lion) that create an extraordinary atmosphere for a magic night! The fireplaces represent monsters with gaping mouths that seem to co-exist in happy contrast with the harmony and orderliness of the outdoor spaces.

And in this evocative frame, if you think you have chef talent and you want to add a fun and special touch to your party, led by the chef you can prepare by yourself your wedding cake. Really a fun idea to liven up the evening!

To end a so special celebration you can enjoy the music and dance until late night accompanied by fireworks in the garden! Also why not take advantage of such a beautiful environment? For a fun and informal wedding, or a different day to spend with your guests the following day, we can organize a real picnic in the vineyards with baskets full of tastiness for each guest!