The Veil

In the past the veil had the function of protecting the innocence of the bride during the moment she was thought to be most vulnerable, and exposed to the evil spirits. Today the veil is one of the most important things in a wedding dress and gives the bride a mysterious and yet romantic aura.

The veil has to adapt to the style of the dress and the style of the ceremony, and above all it has to be comfortable allowing the bride to move freely.

If you are going to wear a family veil that has been handed down through the generations you should try to choose a dress that matches the style of the veil.

In general the veil should be light, sober, delicate, and fixed with small flowers a tiara or some other simple and elegant solution.

For those who like lace the Brussels and Bruges ones are very light and particular but also the Venetian one is famous for its floreal patterns.

If you like the "American style" veil it has to be short at the front and no more then three meters long at the back. The groom should lift the veil when the bride arrives at the altar and he should gently kiss her on the cheek, the face of the bride has to be seen during the ceremony.

wedding veil