Verona: "The Villa" V2

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Only 10 minutes from Verona, in the lovely harmony of countryside and vineyards. Gorgeous! This is the very adjective that comes to mind as soon as you see it. This villa is an Italian Monument, a nobleman's residence erected over thousands of years from Roman times to the Renaissance and refurbished with loving care by the owners. The decor is neo-classic and all furnishings are inspired by the Italian 17th and 18th Century traditions, clearly influenced by the Venetian style. The two dining halls, with their exquisite atmosphere and intentionally intimate size, offer the finest service one would expect from a Villa of this kind. The kitchen is run by a talented and internationally renowned chef. Reception can be organised superbly by the hotel. The facilities also include a romantic garden restaurant surrounded by mild breezes and scents of flowers.

The tea-room strikes a perfect balance between past and present recalling to mind the refined elegance of the drawing rooms of noble families; it is a privileged spot for rediscovering pleasures such as relaxing, reading and conversation.

4 suites, 18 double rooms with mini bar, safe box, air conditioning and satellite TV. The atmospheric ambiance of past glory that fills the Villa is exalted by the richness of the upholstery, the perfection of the furniture, the neo-classic decor and the timeless elegance.

Bed and buffet breakfast basis.